. . . because effective precious metal recovery from a deep placer deposit can be fundamentally simple using a small part of the twenty-six patented claims for Hydro-Scopic™ mining.  This small part includes a “sump trap” and it’s related “core barrel” recovery method designed specifically to recover high-value large nuggets and coarse gold as well as other heavy metals.

The Hydro-Scopic™ mining process begins with identifying rich heavy metal deposits at subsurface levels not feasible for conventional mining.  It then uses decades of proven borehole and sonic drill technology to excavate the subterranean deposit where most gold and heavies remain due to recovery difficulties. The “sump trap” is created by extending the drill hole beyond the target deposit leaving a core barrel size hole centered in the excavated cavity. In the excavation process, a vortex of turbulence causes the heavies to gravitate to the “sump trap” where it is captured.  The “core barrel” then retrieves the contents of the trap where it can be processed on the surface.

This small part of the patent claims is a method to recover high-value heavy gold including large nuggets and other valuable heavies.  As a method application, it needs no new invention apparatus and is quite simple in its construction.  Surprisingly, this simple method is within our patent ownership; accordingly, considering only this application – failure is very unlikely.

It should be appreciated that the patent claims solve multiple difficulties towards recovering fine and course gold, big and small.  Notably since significant quantities of gold and other valuables are found in their miniscule form and the vortex turbulence created in the cavity will cause much of it to become suspended in the slurry, methods and systems comprising additional patent claims describe recovery of this often lost portion of a valuable deposit.  Proving these patent claims work in an integrated process requires few moving parts, some engineering, a little manufacturing, testing and uses about 5% of the prototype funding.

The prototype validation is assured in part by the “sump trap/core barrel” method.  The other method and system prototype validation for fine gold recovery will require some extensive testing but is conceptually valid in its invention.  Proof will assure massive profits on a scale not seen since the gold rush days in the last century.  The fact that it is environmentally friendly provides the ability to target thousands of prospects for high-value private mining and low-value franchise mining with several very profitable opportunities and possibilities on the horizon.