Tom Hice,CPA (President)
Financial engineering expertise in fund raising, project development, mineral rights expansion, public marketing and equity building:

Tele: (541) 582-0803
Cell: (541) 621-2657
Fax: (541) 582-6052


Doug Devine (Secretary/Treasurer)
Expertise in advanced survey technology in satellite imagery, 3-D modeling, ultra-modern survey technology, and mapping development:

Tele: (541) 772-5777
Cell: (541) 944-1708


Thomas J. Hice, 72 years in age, (Tom) currently is Hice Exploration & Royalty Corporation’s (HERC) Executive Vice President, serves as Alaska Mines Corporation’s Chief Executive Officer, owner in Nome Gold Corporation, Nome Gold Adventures Inc., Geodrilling Technologies, Inc., and several other corporations operating in various other industries. Primary occupation since 1978 has been a Certified Public Accountant practicing in public accounting as an exclusive owner of a public accounting firm. Also taught accounting at Southern Oregon State University and Rogue Community College and has obtained real estate and custom broker’s licenses. Notable achievements include The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants 1998 award for third place in the nation for development of the most innovative software design for business management decisions in a dynamic environment using graphical displays for “sink or swim” scenarios. Other areas of interest and achievements include:

  • Sole owner of Geodrilling Technologies, Inc. This Oregon Corporation is a holding company for two United States patents granted in 2018 called, “Low-Frequency Pulsing Sonic and Hydraulic Mining System” and “Low-Frequency Pulsing Sonic and Hydraulic Mining Method.” These patents are instrumental in protecting the rights to Hydro-Scopic™ mine subterranean mineral deposits with environmental sensitivity and profit motives.
  • International specialty in taxation with extensive business dealings in Asia including Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and a few others. Established the first Russian/American joint venture in the Russian Far East and set up a chain of jewelry stores throughout Russia under the name “Russian Gold Nuggets”;
  • Owned Gold Nuggets, Inc. – a marketing and jewelry manufacturing Oregon Corporation. Sold gold nuggets throughout Europe and the USA. Imported USA nuggets into Russia with some difficulty. Solely responsible for the high import tariff on gold nuggets entering Russia. Developed a dimensional grading system used in Russia for classifying gold nuggets.
  • Joint owner in Geobio Technologies, Inc. This was a very technical Company that developed a gold prospecting technique using bacterial spore dominance to indicate plausible heavy metal concentration as an added indicator for drilling and exploration. Although the process was impeccable, the confidence level as an indicator was insufficient to justify the cost versus the benefit;
  • Owned a real estate and insurance school in Southern Oregon. Also formed and owned ARE Properties, Inc. (aka “Apple Real Estate”) specializing in using “Reverse Mortgages” for enhancing the purchase price of a home for seniors without payments. Developed a software program for this Company showing how equity in purchasing a higher value home with a reverse mortgage could dramatically increase the value of that equity compared to purchasing a lesser valued home.
  • Organized and managed a nonprofit corporation named Gateway America, Inc. Provided medical equipment and supplies to South America, Russia, and Belarus with free shipping and paying less than 1% of donations for administrative costs.
  • Served as financial advisor to the Shasta Nation Native American Tribe in Northern California. Instrumental in providing property with its own I-5 interchange for casino development. Designed casino and started funding when the economy crashed in 2007;
  • Attended the Colorado School of Mines with a professional engineering degree goal in geochemical engineering before enlisting in the U.S. Army. Educated in life with a tour in Viet Nam (1969-1970) before receiving an honorable discharge. Then settled in Southern Oregon and received a Bachelor of Science degree in business from Southern Oregon State University with advanced studies at Portland State University for a Master’s degree in taxation and business administration.

Being a Public accountant for forty years has been a real education in business and all aspects of human ingenuity and lack thereof. In addition to this experience, mining has been a major personal and professional interest for many of these years and has culminated in the Hydro-Scopic™ mining process. Hydro-Scopic™ mining embraces all the prerequisites for managing the mining process with targeted profit motives mostly learned by experience. Some of this experience follows:

  • Observing and participating in Russian dredging and hydraulic mining techniques in the Russian Far East.
  • Advised tax and entity formation on Chilean joint venture with a USA corporation. Joint venture introduced a unique leaching hose for improved copper extraction in Chile with further testing and trials in Nevada’s heap leaching fields.
  • Negotiated and documented Canadian Company’s purchase of 4,000 acres of placer claims called the “Rabbit Hole” next to Hycroft Mine in northern Nevada.
  • Instrumental in purchasing and permitting several hundred acres in northeastern Oregon next to the Eagle Cap Wilderness Area. Property ideal for Hydro-Scopic™ mining.
  • Involved in mining operation in the Mormon Basin just south of Baker Oregon. A hedge fund financed this operations and is considering Hydro-Scopic™ mining.
  • Explored purchasing several placer plays in the Fairbanks area of Alaska. Tested and formed opinions on the feasibility of each property.
  • Invested in patented property on the Seward Peninsula north of Nome Alaska. Foreclosed on property and mined until placer played out. Property has deep rich deposits evidenced by drifting a century ago. Property is ideal for Hydro-Scopic™ mining.
  • Well versed in all aspects of filing, maintaining, and permitting claims. Have experience in hydraulic mining (using cannons), core drilling, tunneling, explosives, surface dredging, scuba diving, and flying as a private pilot for years.
  • Mining motto – “money costs more than it is worth, gold is worth more than money”

Douglas Devine, 73 years in age, currently serves as Hice Exploration & Royalty Corporation’s (HERC)Vice President. Also serves as:

Pacific Survey Supply is the foundation and attraction for all business and travels appealing to Mr. Devine’s sense of adventure and unyielding optimism that every good business idea has a person that can make it work. Pacific Survey is an international and multistate supplier of high-end surveying and engineering equipment (since 1984). It is undoubtedly the industry leader in pioneering sales of unique equipment, systems development, and innovative applications of engineering and surveying systems. Some of the more interesting and worldwide attractions that Pacific Survey was instrumental in developing and participating include:

  • Epic Scan, Ltd – established in the year 2000 with pioneering implementation of LIDAR systems for commercial use in dimensional surveying with application to industrial, marine, civil, and heritage industries. Some projects worldwide included the historic recovery and conservation of the HL Hunley Confederate Submarine, the digital mapping of the USS Monitor, and the recent discovery of the Submarine Explorer in Panama, Central America. Also, early on, the innovative scanning methods provided backdrops for such movies as “The Red Plant” and others.
  • Televised documentaries using forensic technology for analysis include:
    • Eco Nova’s “Sea Hunters, The Search for Early Submarines”
    • National Geographic’s American Paranormal “Bigfoot, Critical Evidence”
    • Discovery Channel’s “Sasquatch, Legend Meets Science”.
  • Other projects of interest include:
    • Mapping of Nile River artifacts in Egypt
    • Analysis of ancient ruins in the Yucatan Peninsula
    • Forensic investigations of major forest fires in the Northwest
    • Analysis of several unique filmed sightings of Sasquatch for validity
    • Projects in aerospace – Pacific Survey equipment was used on the Space Shuttle
    • Oil refinery 3-D constructional mapping for repairs and improvements
    • Nuclear power plant and oil tanker structural and dimensional archiving
    • Mining exploration, mapping and testing new innovations for mineral discovery
    • Gold rush artifact digital preservation in such places as Yukon, Alaska, Russia
    • Major metropolitan architecture and highway structural mapping and archiving.

Mr. Devine, joined the U.S. Navy after graduating from high school. Upon completion of his naval duty as an electronic technician, he joined Wagner Electric, Tung Sol Division, Livingston, New Jersey, and worked as a technician in research and development (R&D). While at Wagner Electric, Mr. Devine attended Newark College of Engineering. He subcontracted to Bell Labs and Digital Equipment Co. and contracted as a consulting engineer for Magnetic Communications, Livingston, NJ. In 1974 Mr. Devine left New Jersey and settled in Jacksonville, Oregon and worked with Litton Industries for several years developing and selling programmable engineering calculators. He was introduced to surveying instrumentation in 1979 and became a co-founder of the Northwest division of SECO (a Surveying Equipment Company out of Redding California). He eventually evolved into Pacific Survey Supply with offices throughout the Northwest and dominated the survey equipment market for this region as well as having a unique ability to deal internationally in technical equipment sales that were constantly monitored by the US government. Pacific Survey Supply became the pinnacle of success for the Northwest Territory and purposely kept a low profile which maintained a friendly atmosphere for instruction and training that provided massive sales of the ever-changing and improved modern survey equipment. The success of Pacific Survey Supply gave Mr. Devine the opportunity to indulge in his favorite pastime of searching for and funding new and interesting business opportunities. Some of which are described as follows:

  • Commercial fishing enterprise – having obtained several commercial dock ownerships and leasehold rights in Oregon, Washington and California, several commercial fishing vessels with permits were also purchased as well as a long-haul trucking fleet. Many different seafood products were shipped worldwide. Of notable interest is the enterprise’s success as the largest west coast producer and exporter of hag fish (slim eels) to South Korea. Also live shipments of Dungeness grab went to Japan.
  • Collector and exclusive sales distributor of famous original masterpiece sculptures collected by the Vatican and a few others. Prior to World War II, the world renowned Marinelli Art Foundry in Florence Italy was commission by the Vatican to take molds of their priceless art sculptures for preservation. The Foundry protected these molds from German confiscation and subsequently was allowed to produce some bronze limited editions. Currently, Italy has prohibited any reproductions of their masterpieces making the limited editions already casted by the Marinelli Foundry priceless. Mr. Devine is majority owner of one of twelve original bronze castings of Michelangelo’s Pieta on display at the Portland Oregon Grotto ( Other sculptures collected include David, Discobolus, Bacchus, Mercury, Rape of Sabine, Doors of Paradise, Neptune, The Wrestlers, and many more.
  • Funded and major investor in, the fastest growing internet auction in the world. A true competitor to EBay; but, a difficult market to capture a share. Currently the Company has over $650,000,000 in listed auction items.
  • Heavily invested in Alaska Mines Corporation located 50 miles north of Nome Alaska. Also owns equipment for mining with the most notable being a skyline drag bucket system located in Nome. This property was instrumental in the development of the Hydro-Scopic™ mining process as there is indicated substantial subterranean gold deposits too deep to mine conventionally. For this reason, research began to find a mining method that could extract this wealth efficiently, safely, and with little harm to the environment. The resultant solution is Hydro-Scopic™ mining. There are also mother lode plays in the region which would require the Hydro-Scopic™ mining process as well.
  • Mr. Devine has many interests in all kinds of businesses which is testimony to his voracious appetite for new and exciting ventures that can be almost anything. Most are too extensive to detail but a few examples are mentioned as follows:
    • Pioneer in Bit Coin mining.
    • One of the first investors in Hydrogen powered automobiles.
    • Electrolyzed water for extreme disinfecting and purifying processes.
    • Hydrogen drinking water for amazing healing qualities.
    • Race car driving and manufacturing.
    • First American to introduce GPS to the Russian Far East.
    • Also, tested the Russian Far East for rumored harmful radiation – found there was more radioactivity in the USA.